My name is Fran and I am your host. I have spent many of my vacations traveling and am still not finished!

When I travel, I like to get deep into the culture of a country and experience how locals live. That means experiencing how they go about their daily lives, what they eat, what their surroundings are like and going off the beaten path. For me, this means not staying in a fancy hotel and ticking off the major sights from a list in a guidebook. I plan my own trips and prefer staying away from tour groups that rush you from A to B. I like to get into conversation with locals and if possible, get a peek into their homes by staying in a small homely bed & breakfast.

I thought that there are probably people like me out there looking for more than just a hotel room experience. So since I have some space available and love to get to know people, I decided to turn my home into a bed & breakfast and offer visitors a taste of what it is like to live in a real Munich suburb.

If you don’t need a five-star luxury hotel but are happy with a homely, very comfortable room and want to see what a German residential neighborhood is like, I would be happy to welcome you as my guest. I am not of German origin but am a German national. I can provide you the insights you are looking for, albeit from a different perspective.

I speak English, German, French and some Italian.

Come check out Wisteria Bed & Breakfast! And make a friend at the same time!

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